The primary task for the IHRIB is to inform investors of the human rights risks associated with commodities speculation, to identify the investors and institutions involved in this speculative trading, and to address the failure of states to prevent these trading abuses and the resulting harm to populations in need.

In the broadest sense, our goal is to improve access to affordable food to those at greatest risk of hunger. To do this, we will address two impediments to access to affordable food: (1) unrestrained use of financial derivatives by banks and other financial institutions that turn a profit at the expense of the needy; and (2) failure of state regulatory authorities to limit harmful speculation that resulted in harm to at-risk populations.

To address these problems, the project will work to: (1) bring an end to investor speculation using commodity index derivatives – the primary cause of recent global food price hikes; (2) make key financial institutions accountable for creating these dangerous investment products that violate the human right to food; and (3) seek re-regulation of global commodity speculation, a root cause of spiraling food costs.

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