HRIBP: Bringing Humanity to Business

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We live in fairly difficult times, as employment is getting more difficult to come by, and salaries are small. Business owners sometimes choose to overwork their personnel simply because they can. Overtime work is detrimental to your health, and leisure and rest are basic human rights. And if you’re an employer who’s willing to care better about their employees, you can learn how to do that at online courses. There are many courses available at multiple educational platforms touching on a great variety of subjects. You can easily find online learning courses for business owners that help grow your income while treating your employees respectively. The best thing about online courses is that they can fit into the most hectic schedule, as you learn when and where you’re comfortable. You can tune in even while driving home from work. Learn about human rights and implement the knowledge in your work with the help of educational platforms.

HrIBPLogo2The Human Rights in Business Program is dedicated to improving the human rights of individuals and communities worldwide who are impacted by business and economic development. HRIBP strives to identify and reinforce the positive contributions that the private sector can make towards fostering human and environmental well-being, while finding means to mitigate the more detrimental effects of economic activities on human rights protections.

HRIBP advances human rights in businesses through applied and policy relevant research on key human rights and business issues, and support of practical initiatives focused on actively channeling business activities to positively impact on human rights and the environment. HRIBP works in a collaborative fashion with businesses and their stakeholders, providing a neutral convening space to identify common ground on means to improve governance and foster rights-respecting corporate cultures. Housed within an institution of higher learning, HRIBP offers educational programs for students entering the field of human rights, professionals seeking skills development, and the general public to raise awareness on current topics and pressing issues at the nexus of human rights and business.

FinalBusinessandhr The Human Rights in Business Program at the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law at American University Washington College of Law, in conjunction with the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights and the International Bar Association, are sponsoring a two-day conference on April 23rd and 24th at the Washington College of Law. Registration for this event and additional information can be found here. To view the conference agenda click here.

The Human Rights in Business Program, in conjunction with Human Analytics, the Global Governance, Politics & Security Program and the Ethics Peace & Global Affairs Program at American University's School of International Service are sponsoring a presentation by Sean McFate, author of the Modern Mercenary, published by Oxford Press. The event will take place in the SIS Founders Room from 3-5 pm on Tuesday, February 24.

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