Our mission is to promote human rights and justice for people affected by business and economic activity around the world.

IHRIB – the Initiative for Human Rights in Business – envisions a world in balance, where the profit motive that drives desirable economic activity is in harmony with the rights of individuals, the interests of society, and the protection of the planet. Human rights are at the center of this balance. However, human rights are still an aspiration in most parts of the world, but a vision to whose realization IHRIB seeks to contribute.

We believe that business practices and human rights must be brought into alignment, and that business success depends on the active respect and promotion of human rights. While there is a business case to be made for human rights, IHRIB recognizes that economic, social, and environmental bottom lines cannot always be equally weighted and that ultimately, business activity is not sustainable where rights are not upheld and the environment is not protected.

Remedying the harms inflicted upon people and communities, bringing those responsible to account, and devising long-term solutions that embed human rights into the core of corporate culture is only possible if all those affected are part the solution. We aim to build the capacities of business to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner, of civil society to advocate for human rights and environmental protections, and of governments to create and execute effective public policies.