In conjunction with other programs at the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, the Rights in Business Program is focused on pressing issues of our times. Of particular concern today are human rights issues emerging from conflict and food security.

A primary goal for the Financial Humanity Project is to improve access to affordable food to those at greatest risk of hunger. To do this, we will address two impediments to access to affordable food: (1) unrestrained use of financial derivatives by banks and other financial institutions that turn a profit at the expense of the needy; and (2) failure of state regulatory authorities to limit harmful speculation that resulted in harm to at-risk populations.

The ASSURE Project’s objectives are to develop trainings to improve companies’ ability to adhere to social standards and uphold human rights in their operations; to identify best practices in multi-stakeholder regulation and develop guidance for implementing elements of effective voluntary standards;  and to conduct and disseminate policy and business relevant research to improve companies’ human rights compliance.