Mega Sporting Events: Examining the World Cup and the Olympics from a Business and Human Rights

The International Bar Association and the Human Rights in Business Program at American University-Washington College of Law Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law are pleased to invite you to attend a panel discussion entitled:

Mega Sporting Events: Examining the World Cup and the Olympics from a Business and Human Rights Perspective

With the rise of the Business and Human Rights movement, the human rights impacts of events such as the Olympics and World Cup are no longer escaping scrutiny.   Thus, for example, the media, NGOs, and various governments continue to pressure FIFA, the Qatari government, and to a lesser degree corporate sponsors, to address well-founded reports that 1,000 or more migrant workers already have died erecting various structures connected to the 2022 World Cup.  Other human rights abuses also have been well documented in Qatar, including slave-like working and housing conditions.  Mega Sporting Events held elsewhere have seen the illegal displacement of citizens to make way for stadium construction and harm to the environment. 

Please join us on December 9 from 12:00-1:45 p.m. to learn more about how the Business and Human Rights movement is shining a spotlight on such abuses, as well as the prospect for reforms of Mega Sporting Events.  A light lunch will be served. 

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